Suretrac RT216 all-position tire is a versatile all-position tire designed for moderate regional and urban applications, which feature a four-wide straight groves and asolid shoulder design for even wear and long original mileage without compromising traction. Other life-extending features include advanced cool-running tread compounds to reduce heat generated and increase irregular wear resistance, provides a competitive acquisition point for a lower cost per mile, making it a leading value alternative tire.

Size Ply T.D. L.I. O.D.  S.W. R.W. LCC 1X LCC 2X A.P.
    32nds     in. in.   lbs lbs  
385/65R22.5 18 21 158 K 42.5 15.3 11.8 9370 9370 120
385/65R22.5 20 21 160 J 42.5 15.3 11.8 9920 9920 130

All Position

RT 216